Inspired by Google’s Big Thinking

At the Spikes, Tom Uglow, the head of Google Creative Labs, Asia Pacific did a presentation on how their big ideas inspire the everyday thinking of their team.

He emphasised the power of imagination, and raised the question how can you change the world with imagination – wait, not creativity, but imagination. How big you dream determines how big the idea you can come up with.

I always believe, some of the things you do is not just for the sake of getting those outcomes, but also to foster a certain dynamic, a culture through the process of doing. Same thing for Google, making people wear/purchase Google glass is not practical (come on… you think so too right?), it could practically bring harm to your life if you are walking/driving/skydiving with the glass on (completely personal opinion), but the guts of building such a product, the effort and thinking behind the design and technology, I believe, really help cultivate the boldness to think, stimulate the culture to create and elevate the encourage to imagine. The Googlers are thinkers and value creators, they have produced products that fail massively, but they’ve also created platforms that we can’t live without but as an organisation they don’t just measure profit and loss, but more so their care about the value they’re creating for their people by building such culture that allows them to do crazy things, and their people then in return perform fascinations and bring even greater value back to the company.

And I’ll end with a quote from the speaker – ‘You can only go to the moon if you choose to.’ So dream big, think bigger and action to make it happen.

Check out this site –, it’ll change your life.


Agency and Client, Strategy and Execution

Back in the agency days, we kept talking about strategies, strategies and strategies. But now on the client side, all of a sudden, we just execute ideas and move really quickly. How to get the balance between strategies and execution? Do we need to have a thorough strategy planned out for every single idea we have? Do we have to have a solid purpose and objective before we execute something? Or we just think of the solutions along the way. Pros and Cons?

Going to explore this further.


The journey now begins...

Thought attending Spikes Asia this year would be a good opportunity for me to start organising my thoughts and ideas around creative marketing. These conferences are really great source of inspirations, but only when we take away these inspirations, explore further and dig deeper, then we can internalise all the information and convert those inspirations into learnings.

I created a little model of learning, in the process of refining it, but it would be a good guide for content style and direction for this blog, which is a dedication to myself, a lazy person who finally decides to fight her resistance to start putting her random crazy thoughts together. Hope you enjoy the ride and occasionally find this blog helpful.

The journey now begins…