Do the Opposite

Place yourself in extreme situations – if you hate dinner functions, go to dinner functions; if you are not comfortable, be comfortable; if you don’t want to be engaged in a conversation, be engaged in a conversation; if you don’t want to be seen, be seen; if you get nervous around someone, be around someone, as often as possible; if you hate presentations, do more presentations, but practise first – so one day, you will be different, not in a sense that you won’t be nervous any more, but rather you have gotten used to dancing with your fear, so you have thrill instead of fear when you are in the situations again.


Boundary + Thinking with Boldness

Often there is a boundary I set for myself that literally prevents me from thinking with boldness every time. I can’t seem to think beyond practical constrains, whilst I should think what is the best, what is the most ideal solution, then think of ways to make it work.

Think boldly.