Don’t get stuck in big plans, small is powerful

Start from small.

People are scared of big plans and changes, which take guts to embrace and a long time to execute. Humans hate hard work, admit it, at least they would not actively pursue it.

So we need to break things down, learn to make our incredibly complicated and thoroughly thought through solution start small.

Small means bite size, it’s digestible, it’s like a snack, you can eat between meals, you don’t need to wait till the right time to have it, i.e. people won’t feel overwhelmed or feel like they are going to get chocked if they decided to implement your idea or they’ll need to change their entire agenda to meet your needs, that’ll be a big no no.

Small allows people to prioritise your idea first without themselves realising it, because it’s simple and it makes people feel like they are ticking something off their list.

Small is powerful.