Boundary + Thinking with Boldness

Often there is a boundary I set for myself that literally prevents me from thinking with boldness every time. I can’t seem to think beyond practical constrains, whilst I should think what is the best, what is the most ideal solution, then think of ways to make it work.

Think boldly.


Creative Leadership – Client and Agency Relationships

Keith Reinhard, the advertising legend emphasised again at Spikes how agencies not only need to read their client’s mind, but actually read beyond their mind – don’t give them what they ask for, but give them what they need, or probably what they never thought they would need. Also agencies should somehow carry an entrepreneurial spirit to work with clients -give directions when clients are not sure, and bring them onboard, and work together to come up with and ship amazing ideas.

Also, timesheets and head hours are the nightmares for both agencies and clients. They are the two key things that kill initiatives and creativity. Not starting the work until you know client would pay for your time, or not spending extra hours on a project because you know you won’t get paid for it, or clients keep thinking that agencies literally bullshit about their timesheets (whilst sometimes they really do) and become petty about the freedom (including financial freedom) they give to agencies, all these are roadblocks for us (clients and agencies) to build trust, to work together and to bring the best out of the collaboration.

Probably great work can only be produced when agencies humble themselves a little and not care so much about money, and clients bring up their game and play a creative leadership role so agency people won’t look down upon you and think that you are idiots, but rather be inspired by you, led by you and therefore willing to deliver the best they can for your account.


Spikes Asia 2013 – Insights and Inspirations

As mentioned, click here to check out some insights and observations I captured at the Spikes Asia Creativity Festival 2013. I attended the Spikes Asia Young Marketer Academy this year, it was a truly fruitful and inspiring experience which triggered me to organise my thoughts and gather all the amazing stories together in one deck. this blog was started to bring these inspirations forward, to explore further, dig deeper and think bigger, writing seems to be the most effective way to do it. So this deck and my blog are completely dedicated to my own learning, but if someone finds them an interesting read, I’ll be over the moon.


Thank you so much Spikes Asia for featuring my slides on your social profiles – feeling humble.

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The journey now begins...

Thought attending Spikes Asia this year would be a good opportunity for me to start organising my thoughts and ideas around creative marketing. These conferences are really great source of inspirations, but only when we take away these inspirations, explore further and dig deeper, then we can internalise all the information and convert those inspirations into learnings.

I created a little model of learning, in the process of refining it, but it would be a good guide for content style and direction for this blog, which is a dedication to myself, a lazy person who finally decides to fight her resistance to start putting her random crazy thoughts together. Hope you enjoy the ride and occasionally find this blog helpful.

The journey now begins…