People who I’d like to be around and work with  

  • Designers – people who have a pure heart for visual storytelling or people who design for the best experience
  • Entrepreneurs – People who are ambitious and have the heart to do great work, and do great work only
  • People who are inspirational, excited and passionate – so when we work together, we have chemistry
  • People who are focused and not distracted by noises – people who know what they are doing
  • People who are constantly moving, changing and discovering new things – so I can be inspired to do the same
  • People who value curious and inquisitive people and appreciate it when you invest time in learning and discovering new things
  • People who don’t do trash talks, don’t overly spend time on overly self-indulgent activities
  • People who lead a simple, disciplined and healthy lifestyle.
  • People who desire to bring positive impact to the world.

One day wish will come true.