The power of being young

Sometimes we should appreciate the fact that we’re still young, so we’re allowed to make mistakes and fall, then we can stand up again, and learn from our mistakes. Also we are allowed to ask questions, and no one is going to think that you are dumb, because you are allowed to be ‘not experienced enough’ when you are still sort of young, therefore, you’ll learn how to be humble, learn that you should ask as many questions as possible (well, of course, meaningful ones) to learn from those who have climbed the ladder, been through the tough journey, gained the wisdom and are experienced and generous to share their knowledge with you.

So, I am thinking of taking my learning project further. Besides continuing on my blog to write about the inspirations I got from the Spikes presentations, I am going to conduct a short interview with the speaker of the presentation because I am sure I’ll have questions along my little writing journey and potentially want someone to see how stupid/how good my thoughts are and it would be best if that ‘someone’ was the speaker himself/herself so I can make the most of it. I believe in generosity – so a 15 minute interview seems rather reasonable, to me, and hopefully, to the speakers too. This would be my little Moonshot Project, inspired by Google.

Why am I taking on this crazy initiative? And who am I that the busy advertising gurus would care enough to talk to me? Well, it’s just because it I am nobody (yet, hopefully), and it just makes complete sense that they’d ignore me anyway, so it wouldn’t hurt asking, I might have some luck.

Thanks to Seth Godin and his genius quote – “How dare you settle for less while the world has made it so easy for you to be remarkable.” I am giving this a try.


Spikes Asia 2013 – Insights and Inspirations

As mentioned, click here to check out some insights and observations I captured at the Spikes Asia Creativity Festival 2013. I attended the Spikes Asia Young Marketer Academy this year, it was a truly fruitful and inspiring experience which triggered me to organise my thoughts and gather all the amazing stories together in one deck. this blog was started to bring these inspirations forward, to explore further, dig deeper and think bigger, writing seems to be the most effective way to do it. So this deck and my blog are completely dedicated to my own learning, but if someone finds them an interesting read, I’ll be over the moon.


Thank you so much Spikes Asia for featuring my slides on your social profiles – feeling humble.

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The journey now begins...

Thought attending Spikes Asia this year would be a good opportunity for me to start organising my thoughts and ideas around creative marketing. These conferences are really great source of inspirations, but only when we take away these inspirations, explore further and dig deeper, then we can internalise all the information and convert those inspirations into learnings.

I created a little model of learning, in the process of refining it, but it would be a good guide for content style and direction for this blog, which is a dedication to myself, a lazy person who finally decides to fight her resistance to start putting her random crazy thoughts together. Hope you enjoy the ride and occasionally find this blog helpful.

The journey now begins…